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What is IV nutrient therapy

IV nutrient therapy is a way of delivering nutrients to the body through a small tube inserted into a vein. Typically, a person receives nutrients and vitamins through food consumption however, several factors can interfere with vitamin absorption such as: age, metabolism, genetics and medical conditions. IV nutrient therapy allows a person to receive a higher concentration/dosage of vitamins by allowing these vitamins to bypass the digestive system and flow directly into the bloodstream. This helps with improved nutrient absorption.

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What vitamins are in IV nutrient therapy

Each treatment of nutrient therapy contains several different vitamins that are individually customized. These may include, but are not limited to: Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, amino acids, Magnesium, Calcium, antioxidants, NAD and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Most vitamins and nutrients are those that are natural and can be administered at safe dosages.

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What are the benefits from IV nutrient therapy

IV nutrient therapy supports immunity, skin care, energy and improves mental sharpness. It also detoxifies, replenishes, rejuvenates and hydrates the body.

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How is IV nutrient therapy performed

IV nutrient therapy is performed by inserting a small tube into a vein. IV therapy is administered by a healthcare professional and is monitored from start to finish. Time of treatment may vary between 30min - 2 hours.

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IV Nutrient Therapy Treatments

Myers Cocktail icon

Myers Cocktail

Are you feeling burned out or tired? Do you have chronic pain or are you diagnosed with chronic conditions? This immune booster can decrease stress, restore balance and decrease chronic pain.

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The Hangover icon

The Hangover

How many drinks did you have last night? Are you feeling bad? The hangover can help rehydrate, alleviate nausea and headache.

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Forever Young icon

Forever Young

Do you feel like you are missing your glow? The Forever Young promotes healthier skin, hair and nails.

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The Lotus icon

The Lotus

Are you under the weather from a common cold or flu? This infusion can help boost your immunity and fight off infection.

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The Lotus Reloaded icon

The Lotus Reloaded

Are you still feeling under the weather and need that additional boost? The Lotus Reloaded can help reduce the duration of illness, protect against infection and improve healing time.

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Bounce Back icon

Bounce back

You had a long day, sleepless night or night out on the town. Whether it was a late business meeting or hanging out with friends, you’re feeling exhausted and having a hard time pulling yourself together. This combination of minerals and vitamins will rehydrate and improve your energy for a fresh start.

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The Boss icon

The Boss

It’s coming up toward the middle of the week and you’re feeling tired and sluggish. Your brain is feeling cloudy and can’t concentrate. This is the cocktail for you. To bring that extra boost of energy, sharpness and creativity.

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