About Us

Our mission is to provide primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions to help individuals achieve optimal level of care as it relates to mental and physical health.

Happy father and son


COMPASSION- We enjoy what we do and we always strive to improve each client’s overall well-being

EQUALITY- We treat everyone the same despite gender, race and socioeconomic status

INTEGRITY- We will uphold ethical and moral uprightness no matter the outcome

TEAMWORK- We share the same purpose working toward the same goal

QUALITY- We provide safe, effective and timely client-centered care

Lotus flower in pond


Lotus- A flower whose roots rise out of murky water and transcend into a beautiful flower

Haven- A place of safety

Our goal is to help uplift you from that unpleasant place and provide you with an environment where you can feel safe to transition to an improved psychological and physical well-being

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