4 Reasons To See The Lotus Haven

4 Reasons To See The Lotus Haven

If you are struggling with your mental health or finding it hard to find peace, The Lotus Haven may be able to help you. We want to help our community achieve complete mental health and wellness. If you are feeling down or upset, contact us. Read on to learn four reasons you should see the Lotus Haven.

woman in contemplation while therapist takes notes

We Provide Mental Health Services

If you need to speak to someone about what you are struggling with, we can help. Our mental health services have helped people all over Atlanta improve their mental health and we are proud to serve our community. We are especially proud to help those communities that are often underrepresented in mental health services. We offer psychiatric assessments, medication management, therapy, and much more. Contact us for mental health services.

young boy getting a shot

We Provide Non-Emergent Medical Care

It can be hard to get treatment for medical conditions. The Lotus Haven happily offers treatment for certain acute, non-emergent conditions. We can help with colds, allergies, flu symptoms, pink eye, and other simple ailments. We can also offer injections such as birth control or flu shots. We can also help you get tested for certain conditions such as pregnancy or TB. If you need non-emergent medical care, let us help you. Walk-in or make an appointment.

iv bag full of fruits

We Offer IV Nutrient Therapy

We call it the Lotus Drip and it can do wonders for your mental health and wellness. Iv nutrient therapy provides vitamins and nutrients directly to the body which can help you feel refreshed and vitalized. We have many drips that can help with many different issues. If you are interested in IV Nutrient therapy, book a consultation today!

family giving a group hug

Support Black-Owned Business

At The Lotus Haven, we care about our community. We are passionate about getting mental health and wellness services to those who have historically had trouble accessing them. We support marginalized communities in their mental health and wellness journeys. We are proud to be a Black-owned business and will work hard to support our communities.

The Lotus Haven works hard to provide mental health and wellness services to the people of Atlanta. If you need mental health support or want to support your overall wellness, book a consultation today!